1912 T202 Hassan Triple Folder
Chance Beats Out a Hit
Frank Chance/David Shean

This issue featuring side panels of Hall-of-Famer Frank Chance and David Shean, and a middle panel captioned "Chance Beats Out a Hit," is one of 132 unnumbered cards within the T202 set. Distributed in 1912 within packages of Hassan cigarettes, the fronts of these tri-fold cards feature a black and white photo image of a baseball action scene on the middle panel, and a colored artwork of a player on each side panel. The backs feature descriptive write-ups and advertising. There are 76 different middle panels, mixed and matched with 99 different side panel pairings, to form a total of 132 different combinations. Extremely popular with collectors, this is one of the most imaginative and attractive issues ever produced.

The primary player featured is Frank Chance. Chance enjoyed a superb 18-year career (1898-1914 and 1923) as both a player and manager. He led the Cubs to National League championships in 1906, 1907, 1908 and 1910, and World Series championships in 1907 and 1908. Perhaps his most enduring legacy is being the first baseman for the iconic double-play combination of Tinker to Evers to Chance.

This example is very well-centered for the issue. The borders are a bright ivory-white hue, corner quality is absolutely outstanding, and the interior surface of the card-front is free from any noticeable blemishes or flaws. The central panel image is clearly registered, while the side panels feature attractive boldly colored artwork. The black printing on the back is well-defined, albeit a touch light in places. This is one of just four examples graded NM-MT 8 by PSA, with only one finer.

Price: $2,250.00
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